IMG-1038Imperial Gardens Landscapes is one of Australia's premier Oriental garden design companies. With over 30 years of experience specialising in the design, construction and project management of Oriental gardens and water features. IGL has developed methods of blending eastern & western design & construction. The latest technology is used to achieve classical gardens of the highest quality.

Ken Lamb & his team can offer aesthetic rock placement work, which includes utilising cranes to place large rocks (1-12 tonne in size) to construct gardens with waterfalls up to 6 metres in height. Over the past 30 years we have we have developed considerable expertise creating water features, ponds, waterfalls and Koi Carp ponds (both indoors and out) with healthy, balanced water environments, and excellent water clarity.

Imperial Gardens Landscapes' specialist services include:

Traditional Japanese rock placement

Raked pattern pebble gardens

Waterfall & pond design and construction

Japanese garden maintenance

Naturalistic water gardens

Courtyard design & construction

Water feature design and specification

Bonsai & shaping of trees and shrubs

Construction of Oriental timber bridges & gates

Construction of timber tea houses & pavilions

Installation of shishi-odoshi & bamboo waterspouts

Installation of "escape proof" ornamental bamboo

Japan Tour


Imperial Gardens Japan Tour 27th September 2016 – 6th October 2016 NOW TAKING BOOKINGS!

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