Shosaku KawaseKawase Profile Picture

Shosaku Kawase graduated from the Osaka Agricultural and Horticultural College in 1972.

He then began working as a specialty gardener for the Imperial Household Agency at Kyoto, The Imperial Palace, and Shugakuin Villa for the next 13 years maintaining these gardens.

He was then engaged to design gardens for the Department of Finance for 6 years. After this Kawase was engaged by the Forestry Department developing and maintaining and pruning gardens in Kyoto for 4 years.

Kawase the became Chief Garden Manager for the historical Katsura Imperial Villa and Shugakuin Villa in Kyoto. Following this period he was engaged as Professional Assistant manager of Historic gardens at the Japanese Forestry Department.

Kawase then established his company business “Kyu–tei  Teien Research”.  Kawase is recognized internationally for his expertise in pruning and maintenance of Kyoto’s three Imperial Villas.

In 2014 Kawase published the book “Katsura, Sentogosho and Shugakuin”.

Mr Kawase will be holding the following presentations and workshops in Australia.

Sat 02 Apr CANBERRA Morning Presentation Afternoon Workshop
Sun 03 Apr CANBERRA Morning Presentation Afternoon Workshop
Mon 04 Apr MELBOURNE Evening Slide Show (Bonsai Club) To Be Confirmed
Tue 05 Apr MELBOURNE Morning Presentation & pruning workshop
Thu 07 Apr SYDNEY Morning slide show & Garden Workshop with Ken Lamb
Fri 08 Apr GOSFORD Full day pruning workshop
Sat 09 Apr SYDNEY Morning Presentation & Black Pine Bonsai Workshop

The cost of a one day Workshop with Shosaku Kawase is $240.00.

For participants who wish to attend both Sydney and Gosford Workshops, it will cost $400.00 for both.

For further information and to book please contact:

Sydney:  Megumi Bennett – 0423-763-506 or Ken Lamb 9986-3968

Canberra:  Leigh Taafe, Curator, National Arboretum – 02)6207-8483

Melbourne:  Moto at Kihara Landscapes – (0424)982-876