Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour

Pruning Guide by Ken Lamb – Hard Cover Edition

Purchase your copy and enjoy an armchair visit to the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Darling Harbour, following along with Ken Lamb as he embarks on a comprehensive pruning and maintenance of the Chinese Garden of Friendship

Chinese Garden of Friendship Darling Harbour

142 pages, hard cover book. The Chinese Garden of Friendship Pruning Guide by Ken Lamb is more than just a book about pruning. It investigates and reveals the why, how and when to prune and in what style in relation to the larger garden in the context of the meaning and philosophy of Chinese gardens.

As one journeys into the Chinese Garden of Friendship the changing scenic treatment determines the form of trees, beginning in formal courtyards and rising up to the wild mountain style of the Gurr. Pruning in scale and hiding and revealing views is influenced by the Feng Shui to ensure the energy flow, or Qi, is preserved.

The text is easy to read and understand for all gardeners and those who are interested in gardens. With examples of Chinese gardens from China, Hong Kong, Australia and the USA, this is a significant book for horticulturalists, garden managers, designers, penjing enthusiasts and people who love trees and gardens.

“The Chinese Garden of Friendship Pruning Guide by Ken Lamb is more than just a pruning manual. It positions the trees in a traditional Chinese scenic environment of different treatments and weaves in the philosophy of the Asian garden traditions in an informing and fascinating story. Well illustrated with simple and clear instructions, it is a book for all gardeners interested in the beauty of trees and landscapes. It’s luscious photography will delight and surprise the reader and lead you into a deeper understanding of the Asian aesthetic, complete with Feng Sui, poetry and landscape paintings. It can also be used as a guide to the garden itself and explores the principles of maintaining large public gardens of asian and western origin in the 21st century and well into the future.”

About the Author

Ken Lamb is the Managing Director of Imperial Gardens Landscape Pty Ltd, an Australian company specialising in the design, construction and maintenance of Oriental gardens. Ken has 35 years experience of designing and pruning Japanese and Chinese gardens and is frequently asked to prune National Trust and Heritage gardens in Australia. Ken is the author of 3 books on Japanese, Chinese gardens and Sumi-e painting, and teaches specialist pruning and Sumi-e throughout the year in Australia.

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Zen and the Way of the Brush
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Soft cover 74 pages
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