Shishi Odoshi & Bamboo Spouts


Shishi odoshi or deer scarer is a traditional component of Japanese gardens.  Water from a bamboo spout fills one end of the bamboo tipping piece, the shi shi odoshi, which triggers a see-sawing motion and the water is then emptied from the tipping arm into a bowl or pond, whilst the tipping arm is propelled back into position with an audible thud on a sounding rock. In the tranquility of the Japanese garden, the rhythmic thudding sound is intended to cause visitors to reflect on the passage of time.  Our Shi shi Odoshi & spouts are hand crafted in Bali and given 2 coats of UV stabilized lacquer.  All spouts are piped with 13mm Polypipe and a 13mm elbow, with plenty of slack to connect direct to a pump or to your pond or water feature piping system.


Shipping available throughout Australia. Please contact us 02 9986 3968 for pricing


Two Piece Spout

MEDIUM     Upright is approx 85cm, Spout is 36cm       $100

LARGE         Upright is approx 150cm, Spout is 60cm      $120


Three Piece Spout

(The only difference is the horizontal barrel which is purely aesthetic)

MEDIUM      Upright is approx 85cm, Spout is 36cm       $100

LARGE         Upright is approx 150cm, Spout is 60cm      $120


Shi Shi Odoshi – Japanese Deer Scarer Water Feature

SMALL     approx 50cm in length          $90

MEDIUM approx 80cm in length           $100

LARGE    approx 112cm in length          $120

JUMBO   approx 135cm in length         $150